“Verdict of the Gods” by Iwu Jeff

“Verdict of the Gods”, is an exciting historical fiction play by Iwu Jeff.


Iwu Jeff is a teacher; living in Nigeria. Iwu Jeff (Iwuehukwu, Jephta) is a poet playwright and poet, from Imo State, Nigeria.

He is a teacher of English and Literature with a Nigeria Certificate in the Eid in English. His works have appeared in literary magazines awards.

His novel “Files of the Heart”, is a joint winner of words, Rhyme and Rhythum publishers’s Green Author Prime/GAP).

His play also received honourable mention as the best play at the Play Category of such award. Iwu ‘s writings is inspired by his environment.

Idriss Press will soon be launching his new book “Verdict of the Gods” a novella with suspense and a thrilling read.

For more information and ordering pre-release copies please email a member of our team at idrisspublishinghouse@gmail.com

We already have a lot of orders on pre release copies for “Verdict of the Gods” contact us for your copy.

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