To the Artist

There are so many beautiful talents and skills that writers have. They have the ability to do great things, enlighten and entertain people. It’s really beautiful.

When you write your entire life you can, find the sweetest inspiration everywhere. It can be found in the beautiful rivers we cross.

The most famous artist in history, each had a muse. A person or place used to drive the correct energy for them to do work.

I personally find my inspiration in the environment. As a political writer who has written numerous articles on political wars such as Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somaliland.

Writing a book can be the greatest achievement in ones life. To write a book, is to do things for the right purpose, to also know ones drive and endless capitbilities.

To write a book takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. To write a book, takes reliable research, it takes knowledge on a known topic and enginuity. These qualities are rare.

Many people say that these days the publishing industry has changed too much. Others claim that this is a positive, because the publishing is now built for the people and by the people.