The Writers Book Club

Idriss Publishing House has been operating for 3 years. In honor of great writers who have influenced many writers and books today. Idriss Publishing House has set up “The Writers Book Club.” This book club has bee set up to support authors and the author community.

Idriss Publishing House is encouraging collaborative work with other authors. Enabling peer editing so that authors within the group can correct each others’ work and give each other advice.

Authors who are part of the “Writers Book Club” will be given additional support to ensure that they are getting all the support that they require. This will include structuring your book, marketing your book and writing a book proposal.


These committed writers will also be given writers packages, market materials and also the ability to produce films.

Authors who are given the ability to produce films will be working with invaluable film directors and producers.

For more information contact a member of the Idriss Publishing House team at or call +447858734769.