Join our journey: Book publication to film production 

The film production of “Natasha’s Crime” will soon be released. This production is a story about a young girl called Natasha. Natasha is a young woman attends university who gets caught up on the wrong side a law, when she finds information that has the potential to completely destroy governments.

On the run, with her closes friends Emily and Junior she finds out that they might be on the run forever.

Running away from local authorities, the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, Chinese special forces and British state officials the MI5.

Unaware the amount of times that they will cheat death, they hide out in a country with many people who do not have a not if knowledge about their predicament.

Somaliland is a corrupt country. Not many people leave the country alive. Wondering if they will live, they hide out in a Emerald mine only to discover that they might get killed by the tribal leaders in that tribe as a result of a price placed on their heads dead or alive.