The Emeralds of the lost Kingdom

Denial operates in a many different levels. A person can go through there entire life in denial. Denial of the an event that took place in their lives. Denial of suffering. Denial of the condemned in society. Denial of responsibility. Denial of Crime. Denial of victimisation. States systematically commit crime however states were also given the ability to commit crime and justify their actions.
Hear no evil.
See no evil.
Speak no evil.

There have been many constructed arguments of war. Can a war be conducted in the name of peace. International intervention has been systematically conducted in the name of peace for decades. The world takes a back seat and become spectators to harm, suffering and murder of people all over the world. Over the past few years, the United Kingdom has had strong presence in Afghanistan, it has had strong presence in Libya, Egypt, Syria and many other nations in the middle east and Africa. It has continued to intentionally under-develop these nations. Taking with it all of its natural resources, from Petroleum, Uranium and blood diamonds.



During an interview with the locals they provided me with a bag of emeralds and purple Sapphire to which I purchased and provided the local population with food and money for their valuable time. The shocking stories during this interview to which was uncovered such as the snakes to which the local population was being killed by increasing as a result of the machines being used nearby a village. The machine brought up all of the dirt underground and as a result along with the Emeralds and Gold also bought up snakes and lizards that increasing lead to deaths in the local population.


The journey to the location was isolated in a location to which was close to the coast of the nation nearby a beach in the hills of the nation. On the way to the site the group stopped at a location nearby a river in order to drink some tea before reaching the site at it was a twelve hour drive. Speaking to people from the town on the way to the site. They spoke about all of the natural resources on the site. We entered the site which entailed driving in a car hanging off a cliff to which all the passengers genuinely felt we would fall off the mountain the car was driving on.


After arriving on the location, the group were greeted with smiles and a warm welcome. We were offered tea and seated, where we discussed the progress of the mine. The support to which it offers the community and the materials found. The group offered the locals the food and basic necessities to which the group had brought with us. The locals accepted it and thanked us for what we had brought with us.

After a nap we had at the site after a very long journey. We awoke and spoke to the locals about the materials. The interview consisted of all of the natural resources, deaths on the site and the theft of natural resources to which the locals were promised many positive impacts to the community such as roads, which would mean that the local population could easily travel to nearby towns and cities in order to purchase food and sell their natural resources. However the local population where cheated out of their resources by the Chinese organisation, which had taken all the Emeralds, purple Sapphires, Uranium and Silver found on the site. When it came to offering the local community food and money for their resources, they packed up all that they had started and left.



The entire operation was just abandoned by the Chinese organisation and left. All of the progress to which had once began came to a sudden end. Currently, the purpose of this article is to raise awareness of the injustice and wrongdoing committed against a town in Somaliland.

The entire journey was enlightening, to many extents I found that there are many nations to are offered promises just as this one, however the person in the nation does not keep to these promises. I have been researching situations just are this one, it has happened in Uganda and many other African nations.

I would anyone who is conducting research such as this to get in contact with me. As the founder and CEO of Idriss Publishing House to publish and article such as this one. This article was inspired my Boroma’s Orphans make a donation at the following link.

Below are photos of emeralds of the mine and purple sapphires

S. Cohen, (2001), States of Denial, Polity Press, Cambridge
All Rights reserved