Natasha’s Crime An introduction: The Creation of Crime and the Destruction of Morality

Death of the last King
Natasha’s Crime

There is a Yin for every Yang. For every Good, there is an Evil. For every Good deed there is a Sin. There thoughts and actions are as much a part of ourselves than anything else. Many people argue that these are important as one is just as important as the other and they allow a balance to exist within our lives. Therefore as a result of this Creation of everything is just as important as its Destruction.  The idea of “breaking a few eggs” sounds every familiar to many people, as we skip through life filled with confidence and reassurance that all is good and we have nothing to worry about.

On the contrary, many peoples work ethic is all wrong. Even as children we are told that the harder you work the better your life is and the higher you will be. Whilst we look at our endless capabilities, it becomes limited to what can you do? God loves hard working people, and if you are poor, then you deserve to be poor because God only helps people who can work hard for themselves.

The idea of Crime “breeds” criminals in its very existence. The ideas of crime target people from working class background and black ethnic backgrounds as a means of controlling them and maintaining monopoly over the majority. It is not a means of progress or development of civilisation.

‘Security has become their legitimation for existence and our justification for dependence on a system that has failed society. Legislation and policy is  not the way forward. If it was it pulls create the ‘Criminal Classes‘ during the Victorian Era. During this era woman with sexually transmitted diseases were forced to wear armbands and badges n order to reduce the amount of soldiers with sexually transmitted diseases. These ideas have not changed that much since this era.

Men woman and children giving in Nazi Germany, who were Jewish decent were also forced where arm bands, with the Star of David. This band, patch or badge was a way for the government to scapegoat the Jewish community for the country’s problems and difficulties.

In Wales in present society the English assumed that it was important to distinguish citizens from refuges therefore just recently dismissed that notion of social policy. Therefore the law the regulations that we defend so highly is nothing more but a product and reproduced product of control and condemning those who are already condemned.

 Therefore when we comply with the law or defend notions of security it is important to understand these are the ideas, laws, and policies we are defending.

Historically those who oppose the state agenda are accused of terrorism this happens in very countries history that has ever existed therefore what makes us assume that these nationalist ideas at the core of politics and so called ‘democracy’ will change. Therefore when you defend these values in the future remember what you are defending because you are defending murder of innocent people nationally and abroad. Your are defending the states right to oppress and repress society. You are defending a system that was built my slaves and the blood sweat and tears of many people who were degraded and forced to create our civilisation. There in future when you have a say make it count.

In the story, Natasha’s Crime A book about two lovers; Natasha and Randy Jr. A couple hopelessly in love with each other on the run from Federal Police. It is them against the world. They stumble around an Diamond mine. 
Lucky to find that the tribe was well aware of the Clan of the Young aGirl Natasha’s Crime. They were passed a bag Jewellery; in it was raw uncut Diamonds, Purple Sapphires, Gold, Silver, Lead and Blue Green Emeralds. 
Used it to travel to a safe location in Europe during the journey. She falls in love with a young Randolph Nelson Jr as if they were together for eternity. The name of the Clan was called Rarre Noor; meaning “Shine Family” in Somalia. In the hot weather they travel to South Africa, Uganda, Venesula through South America into Europe together.  

During the Journey they meet people with interesting names who were call born in the Horn of Africa; one was called “Muhobo” meaning  the word “Unconditional Love” in English.