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Let us just say that I have just started writing a book and I want to organise all of these crazy and exciting ideas I have my head so that, once I have begun writing it is structured properly.

  1. You should get a notepad devoted only to that piece of writing or research
  2. You have to schedule time to do your work. It might appear as leisure at first however you do not want to lose the positive mindset when you are doing your work. You want to be persistent in your writing so if you do not have time, make time. Take a couple of hours out of your day, early is recommended by the best writers.
  3. Sometimes when you are doing your work you end up going online and attempting to find applications and sites to help you with your writing however the best advice would be just to write it. Do not allow yourself to be distracted.

However because we love our readers so much, here are a few ideas to allow you to collect research and do work on the go to make the most of your time whether you are writing a book or conducting some research.

Alright when it comes to writing a book, dissertation or essay I use one programme of document all of my work Evernote in order to organise all of my notes, ideas for articles, information on my blog that I think might be beneficial to others. I definitely recommend it to others. I think that the formatting makes it absolutely delightful to write.

It is really good to use for the long run because when you are conducting research on a specific topic you and just use evernote clip on you search engine tool bar as you go through the thousands of sites you visit.

You can even take pictures of your topic that strikes you whilst your out and write about in when you get home or to the office.

Another amazing system to use for your images if you really want to make a book where the majority of its content is photographs is Adobe where you can document all the photos and use its fantastic tools to edit photos to get the photos just the way you think they would look like.

4. It is really important that you think about who you are writing for.





It is important to think about these questions and how they are relevant to each other.  If your book is a fiction Sci-fi, what are the themes within the book? Is it written for 16-24 age group? Is it funny and does it appeal to this age group? Would this manuscript suit another age group better?

These questions are really important because they allow you to visualise the way your book should be otherwise out will be writing aimlessly. This goes for all writing, autobiography, fiction, or even a photobook because all writing book require structure.



These ideas give consistently within a piece of writing. The reader just be able to identify your voice within a piece of text that is what distinguishes good writing from great writing.


we have spoken about the elements which make up well structured literature however we have not looked into structure itself.

I thought the best way to describe it would be to show you how I personally have written for roughly fifteen years.


Why do you want to write about this topic?

Were you inspired by something or an event in your life?

Who supported you with your literature when you were doing your research?


What is your book about?

What are the key themes within your book?

Who are the main characters?fiction

What are the main issues this book aims to address? Non fiction

Purpose is a key element within the introduction. Many people neglect the introduction simply because until you have written your manuscript you do not have what it it all about. Many people also claim that their books was nothing like they expected it to be until have already completed the book.

Secondary introduction

Ethics and Methodology non fiction. What does your research entail,? How was your research conducted?

Main characters and the Antagoonist Vs the Protagonist spectrum. Clear descriptions of the characters for fiction writers and their thoughts and ambitions. Preferably in a interesting way to highlight their role and character within the book.

I really hope this information was really useful because I am aware that many writers struggle to write the beginning of their book. I really hope that you all find this information really useful and helpful.

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Happy Writing Everyone create something pushing the boundaries of genius.

Edgar Allan Poe

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