Authors tools

There are many things a writer must do before writing his/her book.

What is an application proposal

An application proposal is a document that you submit, telling us everything that there is to know about your book. It is very useful and vital to even come back to when we are thinking about marketing your book because it identifies your target audience and the materials that can be published with your book. So if your thinking about publishing your book, you might want to think about this.

Its there a video to go with your non-fiction book to support student learning at college or university. If your publishing a fiction book for example, would you like to submit a audio book with all the names of your characters and why they are so important. It given editors a feel for the book, they are publishing.

If you have been drawing and writing ideas on board, show us this, we would like you know what is on your mind about the way you want to publish this book. So tell us or better yet show us.

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