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Idriss Publishing House is dedicated to offering authors the best possible advice therefore, we have recently had some questions about formatting screenplays, writing fiction, writing styles and writing non-fiction books. So, in order to offer advice and support to authors we will be publishing exciting articles over the coming month.

Our first most important priority is that we tailor the services to every author differently, as every book should be promoted in a specific manner to reach its target audience creating a demand for that authors’ style in writing and that authors books.

With that in mind, we decided to write articles to support authors of different genres, from on fiction books to urban novels. At Idriss Publishing House we are provide the most professional advice to authors, if you are interested in our upcoming articles on:

  • Featuring:”Lost Boy” by Dean Hamid
  • Writing a book, Sneak Peak into “On Authorship”
  • Write a book in 20 Days
  • 10 ways to organise your notes into a first draft
  • Techniques in writing
  • Research Methods and Ethical implications in Writing
  • Style, Narrative and Tone
  • Advice from the Most Famous Writers
  • “Support for Writers”
  • “Whats Yours Motive?”- Supporting communities in third world countries “Boroma’s Orphans”
  • “What is a Book Proposal?”- Advice on writing a book proposal
  • Books to Read to improve your writing
  • “Thinking about growing as a writer”
  • Featuring:”It Came From the West by Chukwu John David
  • And Many More

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