Romeo, Romeo Where Art Thou Romeo

Many people view having emphay towards those who are being victimised and criminalised by their governments. Therefore we look to our governments for support to offer solution to national and international atrocities. 

There are many people who have misconceptions about international intervention however it is understandable that so many people have them, many of them have not experienced cultural epochs, understood the implications of indifference could have on an individual’s life or even society.

Many people hate the notion of international intervention because nations come worse after other countries have intervened. These nations are also usually robbed of their national resources. 

Many are very aware of the consequences of international intervention as it is usually another way of saying occupation.

There is a lot of “we can do it, but you can not”. An example of this would be the war on Iraq was deemed illegal by the United Nations however in order to justify the war Iraq was accused of having weapons of mass destruction in order to justify the occupation.

Many Iraqi women cried the I humane treatment of the Iraqi people. Therefore I can tell you this no individual in the right state of mind which look to international intervention as a solution to their nations issues regardless of where there lives. 

No person will which say “Romeo, Romeo where art thou Romeo” because the ‘right’ in which people from western nations think that they have is built on false ideals.

The history in which society is mistaken in forgetting or perhaps attempting to forget is that once “White knights and Dark Threats” we’re forced on African people. However despite how much time has gone by the very threat still remains destroying nations and exploiting them.

This article was inspired by Boromas Orphans visit in order to make a donation. All donations go to Boromas Orphans for basic necessities.