Author Packages

There are many author packages in Idriss Publishing House. There are some authors packages listed below.

1. Starter Package

– Proofreading

– Editing

-Publishing to distributors

2. Premire Package


– Editing

-One to one Feedback

3. Exclusive Package 


– Editing

-Ghostwriting services with one to obe interviews

Idriss Publishing House offers a variety of packages to authors whether you are writing a non-fiction book or a fiction series. We have distributors from all over the world including Barnes and Noble, Nook, Amazon,  Kindle, IngramSpark, Kobo, Goodreads,  WHSmith, CreateSpace and Smashwords.

Fiction books



Skull Bones

A fantastic thrilling novel, set in the early 1920’s about a man who goes missing and is found by the river. More men of the same description go missing. A huge break is made in the case, only to find that the killer the person we would least expect.




dreamsof a young ballerina (1)

Past Dreams and Future Ambitions

An enlightening and empowering book for all women. This book talks about the experience the women go through, and all of the things that they do that go unnoticed. It looks at the in-depth situations in a woman’s life, going from being a girl to a woman, the tough decisions that a woman must make when choosing between her career and family and even the difficulties of being a woman.

AMAL idriss

Home Sweet Home

The book is an extremely, emotional book. It looks at the situations a person can place their selves in when in isolation. An man, his wife and their four year old son live in an isolated house by the lake. They spend every summer there since they had their son, Mike. One summer his wife Kelly mysteriously disappears, she is not found.

In fear of losing his son he locks up the cabin by the lake, never to return. Fourteen years later, his son grows up and finds the key of the cabin on his fathers office. He takes the key; goes to the cabin with his friends to find that he can hear his mothers voice by the lake. He tells  his friends and they accuse him of being a drunk. The people that accused of being a drunk later find that his was not lying.


Non Fiction Books



Boroma's Orphans

Boroma’s Orphans

This book is based on true events. A girl called Sarah, an orphan who lives in the orphanage with her brothers and sisters, goes in search to find herself.

She begins by asking the right questions, like where she was born and what her birth parents names were. The harsh environment in which many unfortunate situations occur, such as a young boy goes missing from the town. Sarah later finds her parents however she also find many other things, which she did not expect.


On the Notion of Crime (3)

On the Notion of Crime

This is a very interesting book, breaking down the barriers built by history being told from a bias perspective. History books tell just as much lies as the claim to tell truth. Inspired by the best philosophers, Nietzsche, Marx and Schopenhauer. This books looks at the sociological norms created by society how history has changed these stories and how they are very much the same. With a lot of attention to details of historical events, how ideas which have become mainstream and accepted by society.

Please feel free to make a donation to Boroma’s Orphans, all profits made from the sale of this book pay for basic necessities in Boroma’s Orphanage, Somaliland. These necessities include; food, school fees, shelter and other products to support the orphanage. Thank you for your donations. Our Charity: Boroma’s Orphans



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