Idriss Publishing House: The Journey Video Log

My Video log on the Writing Challenge and recommended books to read and snuggle up with a cup of coffee on your couch.

I think that we have all become disconnected as human beings, we spend more time staring at our flickering screens on our television and more time looking for guidance at our phones. So a few years ago, I just no Longer found watching television interesting. I no longer found it to feed my need for escapism, so I began writing quite seriously. Looking at writing as an art form that saved me from myself. I travel often doing research and writing in places that just appeared out of reach. I guess I learned to learned to push myself to new limitations and grew as a person so much during the process. So since failing in love with the writings of Nietzsche, Marx and Jean-Paul Santre, I am usually found doing writing, attempting to ensure that their writing stay alive. Hopefully my work will inspire others as their work has inspired me.




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