Our Productions

Idriss Publishing House is pleased to announce that it is also currently producing films and documentaries of manuscripts published by our company.

Our first production will be the “Boroma’s Orphans“. It will entail a story about a year in her search to find herself and a greater purpose to life beyond, money and the ideal job. This production is based on the book Boroma’s Orphans, all proceeds made from this film and book go to Boroma’s Orphans in Somaliland on the horn of Africa.

The book Boroma’s Orphans, talks about like are an Orphan in Somaliland. The book is based on actual events. It is important to view a world outside our own bubble. This book provides that insight into a life, on the Horn of Africa, where the struggle is a reality. Follow her journey in Somaliland, when she investigates the kidnapping of a child in her community, stands up for her friend when he is attacked by a group of local boys and searches to find who her mother.

Will she find the boy in her town who was kidnapped?

Will she find what she is searching for?

Will she find her mother?

I believe that many things contribute to making a good film production. The first being a good story. The second being a good persistent team to make the film or documentary. The third and most important is a production company that has a good vision. This is where, it goes back to the beginning where the story determines whether or not the film or documentary is successful.
This year, 2016 our production team are planning three productions. The first “On the Notion of Crime” which is a documentary, challenging ideas about crime from an anarchist perspective, upholding the idea about crime being a socially constructed phenomenon preventing social progression instead of creating it. The second it a film, Boroma’s Orphans based on true events of a girls story living in Boroma, Somaliland on the horn of Africa and her struggle with life and her journey of finding herself. The third is a documentary about a writer and her struggle with life, the objective of the documentary is to challenge ideas of what a author does or a day to day basis, the importance of love of classical and contemporary literature and the importance of knowing thy self when writing a book and becoming a published author.

We are very excited to promote that we will be producing our film “Boroma’s Orphans” where all of the proceeds from the film will go to Boroma’s Orphans. It is exciting times people. Idriss Productions are currently working with clients on editing their screenplays. There are many film festivals is summer, so whether you are making a short film or you have a documentary, contact a member of our team, to inject some life into your screenplay.  Make a donation to our charity, Boroma’s Orphans