Our Authors

We thought we would ask your authors what they think about our services. This was there response.


I completely went with my gut! There was a vision that I shared with Idriss Publishing House. It was amazing, because it was important for me to look at the wider picture. It was the best decision for me. I know that my work was going to become more international. I am both a non-fiction writer and a fiction writer. So it was good to find a publishers who knew very well how to market my books, whether it was fiction or non fiction. The communication between Idriss Publishing House and its clients is really good. So I know what is happening with my work, where it is going to be sold. This is really good as well because  I know they have my interest at heart. I am set on Idriss Publihsing House and intend to publish all future manuscripts with them.
-Dean Hamid
Idriss Publishing House gave me a chance to express my ideas. They have a very good marketing team. Their team are very reachable. They offer valuable advice for me. They offer a lot of support all the way through the process of publishing a book, from first edits to final drafts. As a fiction writer, you get a lot of support and they are very easy to talk to.
-Mozaffar Carey
I am very happy with Idriss Publishing House, the organisation is not based where I live however I know that I can get in touch with them, if I need to find out something. If it is a new manuscript that I am sending Idriss Publishing House or edits that I am getting from them. I have complete confidence in their work. I usually write academically about history so its hard to find someone who understands how the book should be sold. I can honestly say that I am lucky to find someone who sees my work as I do.
 Idriss Publishing has many authors in over 20 countries, who speak very highly of our traditional publishing services.