On Feminism

There are so many misconceptions about feminism. It is important to understand that not all feminist like all politicians do not agree with each other.  People can be from the very same country and not agree with each other. People from the same political part and not agree with each other on topics.

Nietzsche argues that we are all from different walks of life and we may not necessarily agree with each other. Simply because we have all lived different lives. So it is important to realise the extent to which ideas impact on our lives. Nietzsche argued that a woman is truth and so she is in her own right. A woman suffers in so many different situations that a man will not. She will bare it and not speak about it. In fact is more likely to joke about her agony. It is not to say a male will not however is more likely to glorify the ideas in which he suffers as a badge of honour as to say “I suffer”. A woman is more likely to  brush it under a rug to be forgotten and not spoken of. A man will jump around in complete glory of an event, which may have not been pleasant however there would have also been no reason for everyone to know.

Many woman are encouraged to keep these agony is silence. silently suffering not just by authorities such as the police and other institutions but also by their own families. The unfortunate consequences of this almost has not bounds. As woman are encouraged by their community to silence offences that are committed against them. There are so many examples of this in society. When a woman goes to authorities and tells them she has been raped by an offender.  She is even asked what colour underwear she was wearing as a means of implicating that she lead him on. Then she is asked where she was. It is part of police procedure to ask where the event took place however she is implication to have been a mitigating factor where she to have been putting herself in a vulnerable position. This means she is blamed for the event that happened against her under in the United Kingdom. In some foreign countries, “Honour Killings” happen every day and do not make it on any news channel or article on the front page of newspaper. It is part of the every acceptance of society. That woman have it worse than men, which is accepted into the norms of society.

Women who commit crime are more likely to be treated worse than their male counterparts. When women commit crime they are judged first for committing a crime and then for breaking away from their gender norms. Women are expected to ask in a certain way and if they do not they are judged for even being woman at all. They are judged for not wanting the same things as other woman may want. It is unfortunate that woman have had to struggle for their rights and are constantly scrutinised by the community.

Black woman are judged harsher than any other ‘type of individual’ if there ever was one. It is unfortunate as black woman are not just judged for being woman who committed an offence but a black woman therefore she is over sexualized by the media and even the institutions that incarcerate them.

A lecturer of mine, once worked at a woman prison she said that the only thing worse than a woman who is incarcerated is the prison officer incarcerating them. The entire concept of woman’s incarceration in overrated as many woman incarcerated are convicted for drug related offences, a minor offence in many country and completely legal in some others. The ratio to male and female offences in huge as woman commit far less crime then males and for far less serious offences.

The entire conception of crime is overrated when looking at female offending because if woman are arrested and some killed during their incarceration in is counterproductive. The reason for a criminal justice system is to ensure that people who commit a crime are arrested however if people are being killed as a result of police brutality. The criminal justice system is idle. The criminal justice system is run on people’s taxes in order to ensure the continuum of society’s safety. The actions of the police however are nugatory as the police pick cases that they choose to defend whilst loathing the very people they choose to defend.

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Steven Lawrence Article on the Guardian

In the United Kingdom, they have previous confessed to “institutional racism”, specifically targeting black minorities. In 1993, a young black male was on his way home, with his best friend Dwayne and were jumped a by a group of white young boys. Steven Lawrence was killed. Dwayne managed to get away. The police officers to which the death of the young boy was reported refused to press any charges against the group of young boys. The police also used intimidation tactics against Dwayne to discourage him to make any formal statements or pursue the death of Steven Lawrence.

Now to some this may appear completely irrelevant to feminist however if this is the way a death of a young black boy on his way of college was handled by the police, as a young black woman if anythings was to happen to me. I would not feel as if going to the police would be the solution to any of my problems. I do not feel this way as a result of any media report. Instead of the very confessions the police have made, for example the Mcpherson report, where the confessed to “Institutional racism within police culture”, and”the Leveson report”, where people accused 96 Liverpool fans of being drunk, when in reality the Liverpool fans died as a result police negligence.

Many feminist look at Foucauldian methodology to outline the basis for their research and their perspective. Michel Foucault was inspired by Nietzschian anarchist ideas. Feminism in not about equality of woman rights, instead the recognition of their existence as equal.

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