On Authorship

Writing a book can be very daunting sometimes, therefore it is important that a writer has all the important tools required to write a book. Idriss Publishing House is going to be publishing “On Authorship” a novel supporting authors with their creative endeavours. This book combines knowledge written by both fiction and non fiction writers, and applies these ideas is different situations to support authors to create conflict situations, when writing their books, fiction and non fiction alike.


on-authorship On Authorship is a fantastic novel for all authors, looking into a long term career in writing. So whether it is screenplays, fiction books or non- fiction educational books. On Authorship will provide the support an author requires when writing. It tackles ethnically arguments will have when an author is writing a book such as objective and subjective writing.

To pre-order copies of this novel email a member of our team at crimewriters@icloud.com or to email the writer of this book, Amal Idriss you can email her at amalidriss3@gmail.com

Coming Soon.