On Anarchism 

On Anarchism, There are many misconceptions about anarchism in the world today. There are a lot of anarchist that I admire so much, such as Stanley Cohen, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer.

Their works I would say definitely encouraged me to do into writing, Nietzsche thought me of the importance of understanding “Self”, Schopenhauer thought me the importance of my ethics as a person and think about writing not to be famous or for the money but to create art that inspired others and finally Stanley Cohen thought me of the importance to understand current events and interpret them in my day to day life, whether it is the Mod and Rockers of the 1960’s, or whether is was the acid trips that followed this international trend and to interpret these changes as a matter of social shift created by young people who craved something different and find an essence of belonging. These are always changing with different generations created their own essence becoming huge trends hitting the international market. However socially as a writer these writers showed me the importance of looking outside myself to know how my actions reflect the world, whether it was if I had put on a leather jacket and said I was bringing back the 1960s. Whether I went to a rave and said that I was updating of modernising the 1980s acid generation. It is important because it reminds me of what is going on with the world out there, and how that fits in with my life. 

The importance of these trends is that they are not manufactured by big corporations, instead they are created by people. They then later become trends that corporation use to market and promote their products, so it is really important to look at their changes because they themselves destabilizing corporations, where entire corporations restructure themselves to suit people requirements and we all the time. 

A really good example of this would be corporations such as Facebook, appealing to the changes in technology in order to suit people needs for socialising or the Iphones to suit peoples needs for compact ways of using a laptop as well as making calls to communicate with people. 
Currently in 2016, the biggest trends are the drum and base generation where we enjoy listening to music such as Chase and Status. We enjoy camping out in huge locations and gather by the thousands to watch our favourite artist perform. We enjoy partaking in socialising with like minded people in these festivals from all over the United kingdom. We wear skinny jeans and pumps from trendy high street stores and struct our stuff walking to local shops. This is the Drum and Base generation. However it is important not to forget the people who started these trends so when you look at your parents, and ask them what they did when they were you age and they respond, “we did not do any of the things you guys do now”, they did it is better and bigger. The best part of it is that they did it in a time when, it was not a trend and you bought your festival tickets online and and bought you drugs from the local dealer. They did it in a time where you could buy, Amphetamines from the local pharmacy and people in farms were complaining about the loud noise of the very first gathering taking place by the thousands at the local town. This is precisely the reason that we look to their times as classier times. The main point being I do not think that festival could predict that festivals of following generations would gather at the very same location for decades later, just like they still happen to this day. 

These are just the social aspects of anarchism. However when you think of anarchist societies, it is really an interesting notion to think about. There are several reasons for this the first being that these societies as stateless, and made up of voluntary institutions, in comparison to a society that you may feel obligated to participate these societies offer that choice entirely to the people. Consequently completely different to the naked coercion exercised over the majority of the population to work, to be a certain way and even encouraged to like certain things and dislike others. Therefore they are viewed in many ways as more free societies. 

There who would intentionally choose to be in a society when it’s very existence is dependent on control and the manufacturing of consent instead of being in a society. Perhaps we have become dependent on these capitalist societies who apparently claim everything they do is in the name of ‘security’. Even when we are aware that it’s very existence is criminogenic to it core. 

In the United Kingdom we systematically blame the working class poor for all of our problems however it is the wealthy banker that consistently dip their hands into our pockets and cause our taxes to pay for their bailout instead of our health care and our education. 

So if went as far to claim that we enjoy being controlled it is not a mere exaggeration. We enjoy have a system to count on even when we know it is going to let us down.

In 2015 and 2016 the British prime minister has invested more money in building prisons than he has in our education system. He has made his priorities very clear it is more important to control the population than have an educated population. 

Yet we as a society reelect him. David Cameron claims to address issues of ensuring that involve people paying their taxes and yet neglects to pay his own. 

Yet if any individual from a working class black ground is to not pay their taxes they would not have a place to live. So perhaps it may be more attractive for them to live in an anarchist society considering if they went to university, they would leave with debt equavalent to a mortgage and if they bought anything it would be taxed to the extent that they would be paying more in taxes than whatever it is they were buying. Unfortunately their purchases are not covered by expenses. They have to pay for thiers. 

On Anarchism 

So it can be understandable that an anarchism society is better than a capitalist one especially considering you do not feel like you woke to society telling you a hundred different things you have to do and feeling like you have to do them with a gun to your head.
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