My Writing Challenge 

The Video log visit: 

May 2016 is going to be an interesting month for me. I intend on completing my entire book this month. Although the thought of completing an entire book in just a month sounds quite daunting at first, I really believe I can do it.

I am going to be documenting the entire journey and I really hope that you all find the content the I upload beneficial for writing your own book or even perhaps just in order to enhance your knowledge.  

This month, May 2016 I am going to be pushing my boundaries and documenting my entire book Snakes, Scorpions and our Scars.

This book is part of my three part thrilogy “Symphony of Rattling Rifles” “The falsified Fates” and “Snakes, Scorpions and our Scars”.

Here goes nothing…

Day 1

I have a lot to say apparently, being here in Somaliland has been good for the fluidity of my creativity. I’ve been working for six hours straight and completely lost track of time.

These were two birds that I have come to know really well and when I wake up every morning I can hear them chirping outside my bedroom door. 

During the Victorian era it was customary for young men to go travelling in search of enlightenment. I am not a young man however being here in Boroma, Somaliland has been very enlightening.
I have recently set up a charity for an orphanage, currently just down the road from where I am staying and you are all welcome to make donations.

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