Impacts of Stereotypes

Equality comes in many shapes and forms. A black person has the right not have to conform to stereotypes of black people. A Latino woman had the right to not have to conform to stereotypes of Latino individuals and a woman has the right to not have to condone to stereotypes of women. However it is extremely unfortunate that we do not offer others that right unless they are fighting for them. Just as Suffergettes, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and so many other people have fought for.

So what are rights, ideas that we have to fight for to have?

What is democracy, a concept reserved for a few individuals?

What is freedom?

A label we must fulfil by our very existence?

So when we makes jokes about different ideas, such as Black people, “My Negga”, are we celebrating the enslavement that built capitalism?

When we make jokes about the Holocaust, are we laughing at the deaths of over six million people?

Are these jokes a way to undermine the events that happened?

A way to get over the things that have happened?

The first thing people do when they do not know what to do is joke about it. We will laugh at all the terrible and unfortunate events that have both happened to us and impacted on our lives.

Not because we are evil instead because we do not want to think about them negatively. So when you want to see and hear pure evil look at the jokes we laugh at.

“Why did the Nigga buy a pizza? To feed his family of four.

There are so many discursive acts that we commit on a day to day basis. Whether is it, creating a stereotype to which we can conform to or one that prevents us from seeking truth.

When we think about the unfortunate, we automatically separate them into deserving and non deserving victimisation. Simply because it softens the blow. If I see that victim that the state has not supported as deserving, I have freed myself of any guilt of responsibility to that victim.

During the Victorian era, the poor, were portrayed as the criminal class. Therefore they were branded by both the government and society as people who are ‘inherently’ criminal breeding another generation of criminals.

So in future when you decide to speak of a back handed joke of crime and stereotype people. Take a few brief moments to recognise that you are creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Instead of labelling people, give them the opportunity to define their own lives.