Idriss Publishing House is currently setting up the I-Launch programme,where we will travelling around the United Kingdom to offer authors support. So if you have a book that you have started and want some guidance or perhaps have already written it and do not know what to do next we can offer you that support.

Whether it is fiction or non-fiction we all need support sometimes. Over the coming year we will be visiting and travelling all over the UK and meeting fantastic writers and enabling and encouraging their abilities to progress forward with their work.

The I-Launch programme will take place in three stages.


The first looking at what you want to write about and finding enlightenment on the topic or area. This can vary from writing styles to learning from other writers.

The second will be looking at workshops and meeting and mind mapping with other authors to encourage collaborative works. These workshops will include evaluating strengths and weaknesses. In an attempt to improve abilities as writers. These workshops will entail ethical and methodological implications of writings.

The third will entail an event for all authors who participated in the programme and both individual and collaborative works will be displayed at the conference. Other popular authors will also be present at the event.

This three part programme has been set up to support authors to write, design, market and publish their books. 

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