I use to have a friend called Fatheeyaa. She moved away back home and got married. She was really beautiful and had long dark hair and strong roots.

Her mother and my mother would take us swimming once a week to a swimming pool called Daisyfeild.

We would spend all our days together, sun bathing and talking with friends about our live.

We sat curiously on the front of our traditional African chairs (Kuumbaads), listening to teachers from our local community. They were always coming up with interesting because ways of telling us about political issues and we would listen to them; sharing our stories.

There was a lot of stories about the communities; that we lived in.

There was a lot of things which we believed were a huge part of our lives. An example of this is how our parents lived.

My parents grew up in Somaliland and Fatheeyaa’s grew up in Somalia. There was a lot of stories there and we would exchange stories about our upbringings.

There was a lot of memories that I remember about growing up for example stories of my grandma owning a shop. My mother would say that she would wake up really early in the morning and put tea on the hot coal. She would than make breakfast and go to the shop to open the shop with her mum.

There are so many memories about the Borama and there was a lot of history there.

There was a lot of stories about the way that people lived and the way that my mother Fowysia and Layla were bought up.