Books go read before you die 

I believe books are a huge part of life. Reading makes you aware. It entails you in way nothing else can. Too good ots beauty is to truly love. After all there is nothing like falling asleep reading a beautiful piece of literature, written by someone who a crazy and culpitivating story to tell. These are my favour writers and books of all time.

Non Fiction 

Beyond Good and Evil Friedrich Nietzsche 

Capital Karl Marx 

On Authorship Schopenhauer 


The Alchemist

Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck 

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austin

Sense and Sensibility

The Importance of Being Ernest


Adventures of Tom Sawyer 

The Great American

The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin

The Huthering Heights

Lord of the Rings

Nineteen Eighty Four

Great Expectations 

Catch 22 Joseph Heller

Birdsong Sebastian Faulk

Emma Jane Austin 

The Great Comedy Dante 

Oliver Twist Charles Dickens 

The Tale of Two cities 

The colour Purple 


The Great Gasby 

The Farewell to Arms

The Five People you Met in Heaven 

Heart of Darkness 

Vanity Fair