Book release ” Maarkeey Hooreey; Somalia”.

Hello Everyone, Amal Idriss from Idriss Press here… I’d like to talk to you about a book which is to be released soon.

It is a very exciting novel appealing to the native historical struggle of people in Somalia. The book does contain a lot of accurate descriptions of Somali people.

There are a lot of interesting traditional Somali sayings about ways to approach certain situations which are considered problematic. The description of these situations are the deaths in Somali hospitals and schools; which results in the deaths of innocent people in schools.

There are various reasons to believe that these deaths occur as a result of lack of religious tolerance.

There book goes into more detail about the social problems which exist in Somalia. There is more social problems for example poverty.

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Yours Faithfully,

Amal Idriss

Founder and CEO of Idriss Publishing House Ltd