The Coming Year…

Well I have high hopes and ambitions for the coming year. As many people do, I have thought about a “writers camp” event in August. Where writers, write their books in a week and get their books published with Idriss Publish House. Participants can benefit for collaborating with other authors and peer support from other authors and editors.

I have thought and begun writing a book for Idriss Publishing House guide to offer writers advice about everything from writers style, structure and referencing. Even advice on researching and analysis of topics and this is done my offering many examples of well conducted research.

A really good example of this would be to produce a story board or mind map where you can refer back to the content when you are struggling to work out what comes next and it comes out looking something like this.


Idriss Publishing House is currently developing a Guide to offer support to authors with their work. Supporting them with issues such as writing style, professional tips for editing their manuscripts, advice for the ways in which they would be writing and ideas for structuring their writing. The coming annual year should be really fun and exciting year for Idriss Publishing House as well as all those who participate in the projects.

I launch is currently our biggest project that we have conducted so far, through the entire year that we have been open. I launch is a project where all of the authors been given support will enter the three part programme.

  • The first stage being the trip to find enlightenment, this will include trips within the UK and abroad to other European countries. Where we will work closely with other authors and organisations to inspire our writers.
  • The second will be workshops where authors will be given one to one advice on their manuscripts and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. In order to find ways in which we can build an individual writing abilities.
  • The third will be the publishing of their books and the I Launch event where the authors will be given an opportunity to promote their books. Meet other authors and possibly encourage collaborative work.

This programme has been set up in order to support authors and their work.

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