Growing as a Writer

I believe that when you write you become more in touch your self. It allows you to embrace your knowledge and perspective of the world. Creating literature like creating all art allows you to romanticise with your perspective and allows you to discover as well as rediscover perspectives of yourself that you thought was long gone.

Many authors find it difficult to comprehend the ways in which they have grown within their time of writing. I can tell you from my perspective that I have grown enough for a lifetime thinking about his writing has made me grow and blossomed.

The majority of the thought that goes into writing is under estimated. The beauty of the authors growth is found in the process in which they find enlightenment.

The entire process becomes a part of them. The book they read influence their thinking, their lives and their work. I becomes them. That conversation sparks the beginning to a long journey on the understanding of the self.

Nietzsche once said that the people we read and the people who influence is a big part of our Über selves or super selves. The entire notion is accurate when you think about how we look to and read as well as admire other people’s writing.

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