There is a man who lives in fresco. His name is Daniel. He walks with a big smile and a brown briefcase.   He is has a best friend who is a bricklayer. It is a thought that made that brick layer famous in his town.  It is the thought that this brick layers was […]

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There is no play like home

There is deep within the dark woods of my home. There is something in my life that consumes all the that made me think about a man. There something that hurts me I try t grow anything. I watch it die before I eyes. It takes me and consumes the mere thought of happiness. From […]

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Natasha’s Crime

Writing Natasha’s Crime is one of the most enlightening beautiful experiences of my life. I lived a full life and beautiful life. Writing is based on principles that I greatly admire. I am going to be writing the most amazing book. Wow. It really is amazing. It is one those things that are so beautiful.. It is […]

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Writing is Beautiful 

I love Royal Typewriter. There are so many twins in my family. I am Releasing a magazine very soon. The launching of my new book, Natasha’s Crime. It is a story about a young woman. She falls in love with a man, Jr Randolph Nelson. A High School Sweetheart. The are on the run from […]

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