“Verdict of the Gods” by Iwu Jeff

Verdict of the Gods is a fantastic novel by Iwu Jeff. The tale about historical novel, the tale of tribal tradition in Achara “village elders” who act on the interest of their people.

Deities stood by the nose of the Gods. Those who went against the nose of age gods would become their sacrificial lamb.

The story takes place in “Achara” where village elders discuss the impacts of the Gods and their will. Among them Eze Obioha hangs himself to sacrifice himself to the Gods.PSX_20180808_021022

Iwuchukwu Jephta is a poet, playwright and fiction writer who hails from Imo State, Nigeria. He is a teacher of English with Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) in English (double major), and B.A. (ed) in English. His works have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies, few have garnered awards. His novel “Files of the Heart” is a joint Winner of Words, Rhyme and Green publisher’s Green Author Prize (GAP, 2017). His play also recieved honourable mention as the best play at the play category of such award. Iwu’s writings are inspired by his environment.


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