There is no play like home

There is deep within the dark woods of my home. There is something in my life that consumes all the that made me think about a man. There something that hurts me I try t grow anything. I watch it die before I eyes. It takes me and consumes the mere thought of happiness.

From the dusty hills of time. I return to the home of home. tired and misused. It is some thing for everything that destroys even the air that I there is something that I feel. It is cold and rough.

It is not just something I talk about but something that I meditate upon. I feel that it hurts me. Not it a way that people say oh I am hurt but in a way that totally fucking destroys me.

It is not something that I say I am in pain as a writer as a person. I feel pain.

It is something that I see often,

I feel love for the thing that I do. I hear sounds that are new to me. Things that I have not seen or felt before. Things that can not be put into words. There is some thing that would that would make me feel taken with the world. In a way that I did not happen before..

There are things that I feel in a way that is something that I feel something that makes me laugh in a manner. A manner a specific manner that makes me feel like I am like everyone else. it is like the sound of a voice no one can make away. It is this voice that make me who I am and I can never, never change that.

I feel like that is something that is my self. I saw a scorpian once, It was in my bedroom. It is something that hurts me. However someone saved me from it. I saw death once. No vision was sweeter. I saw life once there way nothing more beautiful.

I can not get over all of the things that I have learnt since I have been home. i am not the woman who hurts anyone or anything. I am life in all my forms and I preach love.

I am not something, I am someone, somebody who takes life.

I love truth. I adore truth. I respect truth those are my ethics.


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