Writing is Beautiful 

I love Royal Typewriter. There are so many twins in my family. I am Releasing a magazine very soon.

The launching of my new book, Natasha’s Crime. It is a story about a young woman. She falls in love with a man, Jr Randolph Nelson. A High School Sweetheart.

The are on the run from international agencies. They run away together visiting gorgeous locations in Africa.

A thrilling story 

It s story about passion and compassion. The journey is about an adventure of a young woman and man. Natasha’s Crime is a romantic triller. The story takes place in South of the United Kingdom, London. Natasha the main character is on the run from Interpol and some people who are trying to kill her because of some information that she has. She goes to her friends home.

Natasha’s Friend, Randolph Nelson Jr. They leave the country and to collect some information for their defense. An mining company illegal digging for Gold, Silver, Petroleum, Purple Sapphires and Emeralds based in China. The company made a lot of promises to the locals however neglected to keep any of them. The Chinese mining company agreed to mine in the area as long as they built roads and gave the tribal leaders profits for operating in the area. One day the Chinese company just left without compensating the tribal leaders.

Natasha and her friend fall in love with each other in their journey to Somaliland Beaches. The shimmering hot sand beneath their feet and the food made them grow closer to each other. When going the mine; “Simodi” and “Gubo Dadar” the land is was owned my “Rarre Mohammed”. This the home of Natasha’s ancestors, her mothers’ Clan, the cloth her mother was cut from.

To have a Royal Typewriter is to live life.

There are visit many people Boromas Orphans where they paid for young people to study in schools, Colleges and Universities on the Horn.

The Idriss Publishing House Magazine

The magazine is going to targeted at Writers and Authors; aged between 18 – 70 both Men and Women.

It does not matter if you are a Fiction or Non-fiction writers. The Idriss Publishing House Magazine is an essential tool for Writers and Authors internationally.

Subscribe to Idriss Publishing House at http://www.amalidriss.com/

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