The Blessings in the Rain

There is a topic that I feel very passionate about, rain. It’s really simple, we all complain when it rains in the uk and call it terrible British weather. 

When you look at rain in an African country like Somaliland however it is the difference between a prosperous season with the growth of many fruits and necessary food like wheat and sweetcorn. 

When it does not rain in Somaliland, people really suffer. People in small villages and towns are left without the basic supply of water. The only people who drink water are the people who can afford it. Imagine that, water as a luxury instead of a basic resource.

I have spent a year in Somaliland, reading and writing books. There are so many shocking things that I have seen. Like children playing in the street without shoes and playing with a tyre as a toy, a car tyre. 

During my year there I did feel like I returned to the United Kingdom, more open minded, and considerate of the world and all it’s indifference. I left the importance of indifference and the impact cultural epochs have. An example of this would be how an orphan in Somaliland, can feel just as a orphan in the United Kingdom would feel like. Like a drop of water landing on my head in the middle of August in Somaliland can purify my mind and expand my belief not just in myself but in the world and all those who live in it.

In Somaliland, the weather is judge, jury and executioner of all Somali citizens under the sun. So in future when you complain about the weather, whether your in the UK, elsewhere in Europe or even in the US. Think of those who pray for a rainy day before taking your blessing for granted. 

Be the little boy with the tyre playing and making the most of your blessings. Free yourself of all judgement as for that rainy day, you can live life instead of making judgement about it.

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