Symphony: Inside Sneak Peak

We all attempt of offer explanations to rationalise events that have taken place in our lives. However the “truth” is, we can only offer interpretations to rationalize our perspectives as we become too involved in the events to be able to offer any valid explanations. There are some things that have become embedded in our thoughts and ways of thinking to the point that we consider them to be ‘truth’. These can be seen in the thoughts and ideas we have about things being the first and the connotations and associations we have attached to them being their second.
This can be seen in every aspect of our lives whether it is the thought of going shopping as an idea to go an invest in yourself however the truth is that you go shopping because otherwise the money you have is of no worth. This is the reason that people see money as a tool to take them to where they want to be and this is the connotation that we have attached to it. As it did not have value until you had given in value. This would perhaps be a more Marxist term of the view however there as also connotations that we have attached to Marxism. Marxism in its pure form is the distribution of wealth equally. Therefore issues that exist in a more capitalist system would not exist in communist one such as class distributions and inequality.
Many true Marxist believe that the former soviet union was not run in the name of true communism instead it was run my capitalist means and called itself communism. There are many traits that make communism attract as a rational choice such as distribution of wealth in a given society, abolitionist of disfranchisement and equality wrapped in a blanket of community policing. This is much more attractive than the currest system and insitutions that separate us from everything as capitalism alienates us from the our environment, our family,  what we make and even those we work with.
Instead leaving the world has been left with a bad taste of communism as a system that was used to make families turn against each other and turn each other in as a result of strong propaganda campaigns. However in fact this is the result of a capitalism system not a communist one. Where people turn against each other and betray each other for mere private gain. This is the system of capitalism where the rich and wealthier and others are expected to eat the scrapes at the table. The worlds wealth is distributed unevenly where 1% have the majority of the profit and what about the 99% are expected to feel empowered in some way by the trickle does effect where we take what we are given. If we are the provide the labour, we should be able to define what we make for our work and define what the minimum wage is as well as the hour we work and the environment we work in. A man who is sat it a office of an hour a day who makes the employees wages, combined into his annual pay check should not define what his employees make. This is the reason that the Miners Strike occurred and everything was done to minimize losses the company made. Therefore giving the power back to the people. These acts of resistance represent the revolt against a system of repressions.
When you go further back into history, people who rebelled were killed. It was a result of the capitalist system that built in the manner in order to deter others from rebelling. This is the system that our criminal justice system is built on. Centuries of slavery and free labour giving those working in terrible conditions and most importantly making them as if they have no choice but work. A wise man once said “I think therefore I am ” Desecrates. A philosopher who believed that if you thought something therefore you were. There if you thought that slavery was never going to end then it really was not because a man to believes himself to dead does not attempt to live.  This a system built on a legal trade of human and their exploitation in every possible form. Many anarchist argue that the discourses during this period still exist such as the prison industrial complex causes large groups of people to become segregated.
The treatment of people in society play a role in how they are or become. As if you treat an individual as they cannot amount to anything they become that being filled with doubt in their abilities and the inability to have someone believe in their capabilities . If told enough times they actually become what they are told. We are told that we are just law abiding citizens enough times we become that. This works both ways both becoming a force enabling people and preventing them just as well. This is the reason that strong propaganda campaigns despite the system can impose fear on their citizens in fear of rebelling against the state in fear of punishment. This is rational choice theory the decision that is most logical to an individual and the one they are most likely to make. As it more rational to prevent yourself from participating in an action that may cause you harm.
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