For the Love of Writing

It has come to the end of May. I have completed my book “On the Notion of Crime” and it will be published soon.

This book has been such a delight and insightful experience. I would definitely encourage everyone to write their own books and go travelling.

Since I have been in Somaliland I have enabled myself to become more creative, more aware of my roots and culture. As well as many more things like happy with the literature that I create.

Many people underestimate the literature that we create for example we will say things like “I just write stuff” I am completely humbled by the thought however we have to recognise that we are writer. Our work is Art.

I love my masterpiece after w month of writing it, it is all that I have wanted it to be. I have that feeling of success. That feeling that I began something and completed it through to the end. I wrote it in hopes that it will make a difference. That someone will read it someday and it will impact on their life in a significant way. I hope that it does.

So when it comes out, I hope that everyone buys a copy of the book or ebook and that it influences their lives.

The book was inspired by Boroma’s Orphans make a donation to an Orphanage in Boroma, Somaliland.

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