Your writing 

Many writers make the assumption that a writing narrative is just relevant to fiction writers however that is a huge mistake. It is also one that many writers make. 

A writes narrative is the reason that a reader continues to read a book, chapter after chapter. It is also the reason that an individual will recommend the book to others.

I strongly believe that although you would like to think that your writing narrative is your own and it is not influenced by others. It is not. 

Your writing narrative is made up of your religious beliefs, yours preference is style, your moral values, your political perspectives, you views of the world and even your view of a Utopia. Therefore the quicker you can understand this about yourself and the reasons you feel so strongly about it. The better and quicker you can build a stronger writing narrative. 

Another huge assessment that an individual should make about theirselves is the people they consider to be role models because of the unfortunate circumstance of attempting to subconsciously imitate your role model and art an individual admires comes through within their writings.Therefore regardless of how long you have been writing there will come a time where you will need to take a step back and evaluate the your role models and whether they share your values or distract you from them.

This article was inspired by Boromas Orphans. Make a donation through

All donations go to paying basic necessities for Boroma’s Orphans in Somaliland. 

Thank you and I hope that you have found this information really useful.

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