On the Notion of Crime: An insight

During the writing of “On the Notion of Crime” there were may ups and many downs. However I can honestly say that I am very proud of the finished product. 

I think that as a non-fiction piece of text I can honestly say that I holds its own. Originally I was not even suppose to publish “On the notion of Crime” for a few years. However I am very happy that I decided to in the end. 

When I wrote it, I wrote it for what I stand for and believe in. Which is an important element when writing because of you write for others, you prevent yourself from producing a truly beautiful piece of literature.

The writers process is very important. I believe that every writer has their own. 

I went to Somaliland to my research and write my book because I did not want to write or rewrite a book that had already been written. I wanted to write something new, fresh and exciting. My goal was to write a piece of literature that reflected my values, perspectives and morals.

I believe that over the past few months I achieved that which is a truly amazing thought.

AThere are some really weird thoughts for example the existence of this came into being by a few factors:

  • My search for enlightenment 
  • My visit to Somali Orphange 
  • My education at university studying Criminology
  • Having questions I seeked answers to
  • Interviews with famous academics

These ideas and leaving no stone unturned mentality allowed this book to come into being. 

I definitely encourage other academics, activist, bloggers and authors to use this process because it does not allow you to grow as a person but it also allows you to have an insight into a global society in which many people as oblivious to.

So ask questions, find answers and travel as much as you can.

During the writing of this book. I also decided to donate all proceeds of this book to Boroma’s Orphans paying for basic necessities. To make a donation to the adorable Orphans, whom I became inspired visit http://www.idrisspublishing.com

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