On Censorship

Well Many people debate and argue with themselves when writing a book or article however it is important to be true to yourself. A really good example of this would be when you are attempting to portray a certain vibe and in the end when you are finished and thinking about getting published.

So I guess that is the most extreme extent of censorship to the extent that the appearance not matching the situation of information that you should be portraying. The majority of the people however believe the art can not co-exist with censorship. This is a true and accurate statement as how can you possibly create a masterpiece while you are spending the majority of time in censoring all the content from your material your creating.

However speaking ethnically there can be risks to producing information which could put your live at risk for example, if you are in another country you can criticise the national dictator to a certain extent before you get a visitor at roughly three in three in the morning whilst you are asleep. So it is important to protect yourself as you have to be able to protect from these dangers and understand the extent to which the publication could seriously impact on your safety. Some people argue that being there on this location also could be a danger to your life therefore it is really important to think about the risks of conducting research and producing your material and if so was it worth it. Personally, I say do what you have to do regardless of the consequences in your search of truth. I consider it to be a reasonable sacrifice for your Art, for your goal, for finding truth in your life.

Many other people argue about the extent to which censorship in acceptable, an exmaple of this is this offensive to other people, however when pondering in those lines I believe the real arguement is that is it truth and if so you should be able to explain the reason that the statement is truth. Perhaps an event in your life that has conviently pleaced this thought in you life and made it part of your perspective. I strongly believe that people should not worry about offending other people when they are writing and if they are so worried about what others think about your contend, it usually lacks imagination and any essence of thought.
Other things that people talk about is the extent to which censorship is good for society, well I strongly believe that censorship is really bad for society, and it create uneducated people. Who defines, what I should hear and what I should not. I believe that the more information of the real events which take place all over the world are fairly publised and reported on the better understanding it provides me as a person who is not there at a country that I may never visit however that does not mean that I do not deserve t know the events that take place on a day to day basis in that country, nation or state.

I think many utilitarian nations are extremely false the entire nation of the ‘greater good’ is a falsification of values, the encouragement of ignorance. It creates people who are not self aware, people who lack an understanding of self and people with the inability to grasp the notion and application of indifference in there day to day lives. which perhaps may be the saddest notion of it all.

I how you have found these ideas useful when thinking about the ethical implications and methodological implications of writing a book, producing your material for an article or perhaps even simply blogging or Vlogging.

The information written in this article was inspired my my time in Boroma, Somaliland. Visit http://www.idrisspublishing.com and make a donation of Boromas’ Orphans and Orphanage. All contributions go to over 200 young children who struggle to have basic necessities. 



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