Oppressed Vs Oppressed

Oppressed VS Oppressed by Bryan WIlks

Thursday 10th March 2016

The Oppressors Dream

We should be well aware, by now, of the fact that faces humanity, the fact that there lives an elite class; a class that holds such great power over humanity.
Through their actions, this class use their power to oppress the people of our world.
Dehumanisation, which is one of, if not the neediest tool for oppression, is used vigorously to create an extremely unstable ‘inhumane’ society.
As noted by Paulo Freire in his book, the pedagogy of the oppressed; the people of earth, the ones being oppressed, are only able to rejoice their humanity by becoming an oppressor themselves, which is just a mere product of oppression.

Simply, because of this inexcusable fact, a creation of oppressed people act as also the oppressor; this is seen as the ‘perfect model’. The people, who have in effect, been dehumanised themselves, use this despicable trait of dehumanisation against others, in an attempt to make themselves feel more human.

It is of sheer circumstance that a person acting as an oppressor, looks at everything as a mere product, nothing is human in their eyes no longer.                   
This is extremely upsetting; the creation of a monster created by the human. Maybe we could describe this creator as God; or is God dead? Has the idea of God been murdered? Is it just a sheer oppressive human being who we allow to be in control?

One of, if not the only way of escaping oppression and a state of dehumanisation, is to offer oneself as humanity; understanding the current state oppression and not allowing to be suppressed any longer. It is a must that you escape from that fear of freedom, one which the oppressive forces have laid burden.
Breaking the cycle, would include a revolution of ideas, freedom can only occur when the oppressed eject the current image and replace it with an autonomous and responsible one.

I wish to focus upon how this state of oppression effects society further, attempting to answer the core question, which asks if crime is a product of oppression and if oppressors are literally creating criminals.

As previously mentioned, the oppressed frequently strive to imitate the oppressor. An ever so frequent example of this, is Black on Black crime, which is commonplace especially in the United States.

Throughout history, black men and black women have been at the forefront of oppression, being robbed of their dignity and shown little or no respect at all; simply dehumanizing.
The oppression of Blacks has been embedded in American culture for a long time. America was a county inhabited by immigrants, and where the blacks were brought forcibly to work as slaves for the best part of 150 years. Although racism effects a number of ethnic groups, racism against the blacks was seemed to be justified by a racist ideology.

A special report, which was released in 2007 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, mentions that on average, between eight and nine thousand African Americans have been murdered annually; a huge percentage of 93% of these murders were committed by other African Americans.

Is all this crime a product of their oppression or did they create this hate within themselves?

Rejoicing their humanity, the oppressed fight the oppressed; the oppressors dream.

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