On Building your Writing

To be a writer is to love what you do

1. Do not use first person in your writing and then use thrid person in confuses the reader.

2. If you are writing fiction influenced by your personal life use first person

3. If you are writing non-fiction you should use third person as it adds an element of formally and professionalism to your manuscript

4. Do not begin your writing with the weather, quotes or time because instead of using “last week” use something more clear. language used in a text  can value or  devalue work. They are writers tools however should be used to clarify your points not make them for you as it neglects to show that you did research however lack its application to a topic.
You can replace that with an event which is more relatable and clear to your audience

5. Other peoples work will influence your work however your should place more emphasis on how they influenced your work. Instead of merely mentioning their claims and ideas.

6. Use Emphasis carefully, a good way of using them would be on themes in your work and key aspects. For example If you are writing a critique of capitalism you might want to use labour and control of labour as a theme. Therefore by placing emphasis on a repeated aspect throughout the manuscript it becomes readable, easy to relate to and also makes any contractions more clear.

7. Create a clear narrative throughout your manuscript this can be done with a lot of research on a topic. This can also make your work more recognisable and as a result of this making you as a writer. Another reason this is essential is that it can produce a clear call for action for example Inspiring Activism.

8. As a writer humility is essential aspect as it leaves space for improvement to yourself and your work as a writer. This can reflect positively on your writing. It is much better path to take than referring to yourself as a “expert” as “There are not facts, only interpretations.” Nietzsche

9. Your work should be a reflection of yourself

Your work is a reflection of you and there should also be nothing like your work. As Hemingway once said, writing is a lonely craft, face eternity or the lack of it each day. Each book is a new beginning and you should try to be original and do what has not been done or do what others have done , tried and failed.

10. This is how you want to do your research it plays an essential role in your ethical and methodological implications of your work. If your writing about travelling, go travelling. If your writing about activism go to a demonstration. This makes or breaks your writing. As you can also appear to be more devoted to hour work, when your conduct a field study and could be a valuable experience to you as a author.

The Biggest rule on writing it is that you writer and do not be deterred by all the rule and regulations of writing because there is nothing more important that your completed and written content, because you cannot do anything with a blank page.

I think an essential pert of building yourself as a writing is reading as many books as possible because in reading you will find your writing style in reading influential writers.

Your artistic views, qualities and skills are more important than the mere editing and publication of your manuscript. If you would like to publish a manuscript or perhaps are having trouble finding a good reliable editors Idriss Publishing House can edit that manuscript for you as well as give you one on one feedback.


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