Moral Panic

Understanding moral panics is important because it allows you not just to understand the way our society works but also how our government operates


Understanding moral

I can highly claim that I am proud of a lot of things and perhaps in some untouched corner of my mind I can also claim that there are things that I am not proud of and that I do anything and everything in my power to forget them. Just as if they were a distant memory in my past and that was where I was leaving them.

I find that to many extents the entire nation of Somalia was also one of them, a when you pick at a memory enough times of find thoughts, doors, basements and windows you neglected. I thought that the nation of Somalia was just as much my flesh, my blood, my tears of empathy and my greatest pain. It was my inspiration to strive, my deepest agony and my happiest moments of enlightenment. I guess I returned to find enlightenment…

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