Understanding cultural epochs, intentional underdevelopment and indifference 

Understanding other peoples culture is just as important as understanding your own, if you do not make any attempt to understand other peoples culture your blinding yourself with ignorance


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So I guess there are different challenges that people face however those who live in third world countries are completely different from someone to is overworked whilst doing an office job.Typical ideas about crime require challenging in cultural criminology and emerging ethnographic studies. Criminology has neglected ideas about corporate-state crime. The exploitation of natural resources still exist today. Which third world countries being expected to provide their resources and labour and not so much as basic living requirements and payment. Fairness and justice have been loosely used words in our criminal justice system. They are over used to the point that you have certain connotations attached to them when you talk about them like that female women in court getting “justice” for a offence committed against her. Like those connotations attached to words like “justice there are also words attached to words like “security”.

Intentional underdevelopment

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