Treating Humans like animals… Has human rights become a myth to uphold?

CreatingCriminals offers a new and innovative way to look at crime making us self conscious about our environment and ourselves. CreatingCriminals looks are representing crimes committed against voiceless and vulnerable groups in our society.


There has been conflict between the United Kingdom and Somalia as David Cameron suggested deporting criminals in the United Kingdom from Somalia and using experimental products on prisoners.

During the Holocaust scientist experimented on those segregated, oppressed and humanised. What they are doing to these prisoners is not that different.

The Somalia government refused despite the Somali government are excused of lacking provisions to run the nation adequately, the still run the nation on values where they do not exploit people for the vulnerability.

Prisoners lack rights to fight for themselves however that does not mean we should not fight on their behalf.

Historically there are many people who were released from incarceration to fight for the nation they call home however is that the only time we will speak of supporting our prisoners when we want something from them?

Other times will we stand by and do nothing whilst…

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