So we are…

The Founder and CEO of Idriss Publishing, Amal Idriss gets her name from Idriss is a Welsh name meaning “ardent lord”, from udd (lord, prince), ris (ardent, enthusiastic, impulsive). It lends its name to the mountain Cadair Idris (Idris’ Chair). It is also the name (Arabic: إدريس‎) of Idris the Islamic prophet mentioned in the Qur’an, usually identified with Enoch in the Catholic Holy Bible.

Idriss Publishing House was first established in October 2015. Publishing books online and offline attracting audiences worldwide. With technological advances publishing online books was higher than traditional published books in 2012. Like many other publishing industries that have aimed to be predominantly online with the rise of Indie authors over the past few years. There has been a completely new market of authors promoting a completely new lifestyle. Idriss Publishing supports all authors of social science, business and humanities.

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